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Surviving Summer Patio Season

It’s finally PATIO SEASON, clink-cheers! Don’t you just love sitting on the patio on a bright summer day, sunnies on, chatting with your friends, feeling the sun beam on your face, so warm that you start to sweat a little bit, but you don’t care, summer babbyy! You are going to cool down with a nice, icy, refreshing glass of WATER!? Haha, NOPE, that’s what I thought--you got bevvies on the brain.

Part of what I like about summer, is the new opportunities to socialize, this includes patio bevvies, so I thought why not equip you with some go-to patio recipes that you can use to impress your friends when they come over and sit on that cute little patio you made on your balcony or deck? But let’s talk a little bit about booze first.


Ok, I won’t sugar coat, here is the main message: IF YOU DON’T DRINK, DON’T START. There is no convincing research to support the intake of any type of alcohol in isolation, in fact it is the opposite. The current “recommendations” for alcohol are not based on need of consumption, but rather lowest risk. IE) What is the safest, tolerable amount that can be consumed without tremendous negative implications to our health. As they are referred to the Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines I will repeat, no amount is a good amount, but nonetheless we have some risk mitigation recommendations in place, let me tell you what they are.

Firstly, let’s define a standard drink size of which the recommendations are based:

  • 12oz Beer

  • 5 oz glass of wine

  • 1.5 oz of hard alcohol/spirit

For all the ladies in the place with style & grace:

  • The max recommended amount is up to 2 standard drinks per day, not to exceed 10 within the week

To all my fellas:

  • No more than 3 standard drinks per day, not to exceed 15 within the week

And we can’t save them all for Saturday night--binge drinking is not permitted, actually strongly discouraged.

One thing we often forget is that ALCOHOL itself, contains calories, and provides the body with a source of energy, but no other nutrients. In fact, per gram, alcohol provides more energy than either carbs or protein (7 kcal per gram!) So even a straight up, stiff shot, has calories, approximately 90 to be exact. But let’s not get too caught up in calories, as this is no way to live life! But let’s think for a minute….what do we do when we drink, we also EAT... and usually not the best choices…


We have to enjoy our favorite foods, often of course, but remember it’s what you do every day that counts. So if you’re living it up on the patio, or deck all summer long, which is amazing, you want to make some better-for-you food choices , not just wings and nachos.

When we drink, we lose out inhibition, and I’m not just talking about dancing on a table, I mean with food too! We crave things and try things, and in larger portions than we may usually consume them. PLUS when we indulge in heafty appetizers or meals they are often high in salt (sodium), which in turn makes us thirsty...so we order more to drink, and you see where this is going….try these apps next time you are on a patio, or better yet, click here to get the recipe for my Caprese Salsa Dip, or yes try these:

  • Edamame

  • Grilled chicken or shrimp skewers

  • Fresh salad rolls

  • Grilled calamari

  • Side salad

  • Naked wings, light sauce

  • Lettuce wraps, sauce on the side

Enough about food, back to the drinks. Now, like most things in life, if it is too potent, dilute it? Not sure if that's a thing, but I mix often. Mixing plain and flavored yogurt, mixing cream and milk, mixing cereal and high fibre cereal, you get the point ...and same can be the case for alcoholic beverages. We can also find alternative mix that isn't loaded with sugar, further perpetuating our summer patio problems. So here are a few recipes to try out this summer.


Serves 1

- 5 fresh blackberries

- small handful of fresh mint leaves

- 1 juicy lime wedge

- 1 tbsp coconut sugar or honey

- 1.5 oz gin or light vodka

- Ice & Sparkling Water

Muddle, or squish these ingredients in the bottom of a sturdy glass. Fill this glass with ice. Add 1.5 oz of light vokda, or gin. Top with club soda or sparkling water.


Serves 4

- 2 medium peaches (skin removed & pitted)

- 1 tbsp honey

- 1/4 of Campari or Aperol Liquor 

- Splash of water

* Blend these ingredients in a bullet, or a blender until smooth, stir in 1 tsp of whole chia seeds, refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Fill your cup with ice cubes, add 2 tbsp of your peach mixture, and top with ice-cold, bubbly prosecco or sparkling wine, top with blueberries for garnish.


Serves 4

- 1 bottle kombucha of choice (chilled)

- 1 bottle of rose wine

- 1/4 cup orange juice (per glass)

- sparkling water or soda water (per glass)

Divide kombucha evenly among 4 wine glasses. Add 1/4 cup pulpy orange juice to each glass. Divide wine among 4 glasses. Top each glass off with a splash of soda water. Edible flowers to be extra.

Happy Patio Season folks! To stay in the loop on my next seasonal adventure, make sure you sign up for my newsletter. I share recipes, tips, tricks and contest alerts. Take care until next time!


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