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Recipe- Strawberry Shortcake Sticks

Grilled Angel Food Cake paired with ripe red strawberries make a perfect summer dessert when they are strung on a skewer and warmed on a hot grill!



3 cups of fresh, ripe strawberries (about 18)

1 pre-made angel food cake cut into large chunks

1 tbsp of orange juice

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tbsp honey


  1. Clean the berries by running under cold water, removing the green stems with a pairing knife, leave the small ones whole and slice the larger ones in half.

  2. Slice the angel food cake into large chunks, this recipe makes 6 skewers so you will need 12 large chunks (2 chunks per skewer) this means you will have left over cake cake cake cake.

  3. Use wooden skewers, no need to soak. Thread one berry (B), then a piece of cake(C) something like this: B-C-B-C-B- so you have 3 berries, and 2 cake pieces on a skewer. Repeat this until you have all 6 made or make as many as you'd like.

  4. In a small bowl, mix OJ, honey and cinnamon to make a glaze. Brush half of this glaze onto one side of the skewers

  5. Heat grill to medium heat and grease (with canola or coconut oil)

  6. Place skewers, glaze side down on grill for 2 minutes. While they cook, glaze the other side

  7. Flip, and cook for 1 minute. We just want to char the cake and soften the berries, do not burn :)

Serve them with a quick dip

Mix 1/4 cup of vanilla greek yogurt, with 1/4 cup plain greek yogurt and serve on the side. These are best enjoyed immediately off the grill when they are still warm. Enjoy!Want more recipes like this? Sign up for my newsletter and have them delivered directly to your inbox!
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