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Quick Breakfast Solutions

Sometimes you just need something that you can make, and eat really quickly, without thinking too much about it...but how good for us are these processed convenience items? Here are 3 of my top ready-to-eat breakfast items from the grocery store. If you want to learn more about building a better breakfast, join my Build a Better Breakfast Workshop!

Because not everything from a package will kill you...

It is what you do every day that matters, not what you do weekly, monthly, or on a single occasion, you just gotta let that sh!* go.

You are what you eat, we all have heard that before. And if you eat easy to prepare, low nutrient, over-processed, full of salt/sugar/fat foods, then you will be easy, low on nutrients, over-processed and full of salt, sugar and fat, wellll...maybe you won't be easy but you will be the other things.

Just remember, choosing processed convenience foods once in awhile will NOT un-do all of the good you have done, and I will always advocate that no matter what we are choosing, there are better versions of anything, and in my opinion these are the "better" versions for a breakfast in a pinch.

First of all, let's recognize natures convenient breakfast options: FRUIT & EGGS! It cannot be any more simple. Fruit is naturally a grab and go food, and eggs can be boiled and kept on hand for 7-days in their shell, safely. Read my blog post on how to make the perfect hard boiled egg to equip you in the morning. Now if you're feeling like these "natural" options are too much work...then let's break down some of these convenient options from the photo above...

1. Pre-Packaged Oatmeal

There are many many options of pre-packaged oatmeal. What is shown in this photo is actually overnight oatmeal, so you open the package, add milk & water, let it sit overnight and BAM! There you have it. Now this option, though it is tasty...does not meet Jessica's criteria for the "perfect packaged oatmeal"...here's what to look for to help your hunt.

- keep the sugar low, less than 7 grams for the packet would be ideal

- get that fibre as high as possible, 4 grams or more per packet

- does it have added goodness, like additional fibre-- flax, chia, hemp etc, to boost the nutritional value and have you staying full all morning long.

How do I eat this? With pre-packaged oatmeal I will always encourage you to make it with milk (regular milk for added protein), and add fruit to make it a full balanced breakfast.

2. Pre-made Eggs

It is SO easy for you to make your own eggs, but if you would rather buy them pre-made then go for it! One thing about pre-made eggs, the texture is never 100% so let's just say I warned you. When purchasing pre-made eggs, either frozen or pre-boiled, beware of sodium being added not only for flavor, but also as a preservative, and as a general rule, keep the sodium less than 200 mg if you can per portion you are consuming!

How do I eat this? You can add it to a breakfast sandwich, and make a DIY egg-muffin sandwich. Options like these can also be stored at work in the freezer for a quick snack , maybe an avocado toast with this egg...yumm!

3. Frozen Waffles

Actually, I will admit I LOVE THESE THINGS. Now when we considered frozen or packaged foods, the nutritional downfall is typically that the salt/fat/sodium is high, but with these, neither is out of whack. I found one frozen waffle quite comparable nutritionally to one slice of whole wheat bread with 4 grams of fiber per waffle--that is pretty stellar!

How do I eat this? The options are endless if you essentially treat this as TOAST! Spread it with peanut butter, add sliced banana and some walnuts crumbled on top. Smear it with avocado and add a poached egg. You can even have 2 of these waffles and make an egg sandwich for convenience if you really want! Again, the options are limited to your creativity.

As a review, eating food from a package will not kill you..however do not forget that your body, is made up of food and you are what you eat, so more often than not, we want to be filling up on nutrient-dense, whole food options and relying on packaged or convenience foods only in a pinch!

If you would like to learn more about building better breakfasts options, join one of my live WORKSHOPS! Also, if you are interested in building a better-for-you morning routine that goes beyond breakfast, I have a free 5-day challenge to kick start your morning routine!

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