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How to cook hard boiled eggs?

Did you know this a top hit for google searches? How do I cook hard boiled eggs? That shocked me! So the other day, when I was meal prepping and making hard boiled eggs, I thought, why not make a video, because my eggs usually turn out alright!

Eggs are a food staple, no matter what, they are in the fridge. They are a quick source of protein, healthy fat, can be made in minutes, inexpensive, used in baking...you get why I keep them around! Near the end of the week when most of the meal prep is running out, eggs will be the featured protein in meals.

A perfectly cooked hard-boiled egg is a true delicacy.

So what are the tricks to cooking good hard boiled eggs? There are many opinions on cooking hard-boiled eggs, here is what I have learnt and what I do now:

  • Start with cold OR room temperature eggs, it doesn't matter, its all in how you cook them that makes them easy to peel!

  • if you egg shells crack while cooking, then use room temperature eggs

  • Don't over crowd your pot--single layer of eggs, don't stack em'

  • Use less water, only half way cover the eggs, do not fully submerge

  • Adding baking soda to the cooking water does not make them easier to peel (in my experience)

  • Submerge your eggs ASAP into cold running water or an ice bath for 2 reasons (1. It will make them easier to peel, 2. They won't get that black ring around the yolk)

  • Boiled eggs will last 7 days in the refrigerator once cooked

  • If you have trouble telling apart your cooked eggs, from raw eggs, pour a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar in with the cooking water, this will slightly change the outside shell color and make it easier to distinguish --- WHATT? I know, mind blown?


Ok let's get started, the video is broken into 2 parts for easy viewing, or because I am not a pro-video editor, you can be the judge of that! :) Also, you get to meet my personal assistant, her name is Google-- I use her far too often.


Now when it comes to length of cooking times this is where you have to pay attention! :) I prefer my eggs, soft and jammy in the middle- just fully cooked through, so in this video that means a cooking time of 6-10 minutes for the eggs.

This is a helpful chart from The Incredible Egg


When it comes to peeling these, I would suggest waiting until they are fully cooled from the ice bath so you don't burn your fingers or, refrigerate them until you are ready to eat, then smash & peel.

Now, some great recipes using hard boiled eggs! Click here to sign up for my newsletter and get this recipe for AVOCADO DEVILED EGGS emailed to you now! Or check my Instagram @salads_are_sweet for these recipes! Aren't you eggcited? Sorry, had to.

Happy Eats Errbody!


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