Jessica created Salads are Sweet because she believes that Good-For-You-Food should be fun, easy, and delicious! The Good-for-You food movement is about empowering you to be your best self, and to live the best life you can. We want to show you how to create a positive relationship with the food you love so that everyday is a Good Food day!

Jessica knows from experience that Good-for-You food can be effortless and she is here to share the how-to with You! Because, we don't start at the finish line right? Good-for-You Food is a journey, and Salads are Sweet is here to share the experience with you.

From nutritional info to navigating the grocery stores and executing on new recipes, Jessica will show you how to make your relationship with Good-for-You food positive.

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I eat food that I like, when I want, mostly whole foods and I never deprive myself of treats or foods that I really crave. I believe food is fuel and should be used to nurture the body, but food is also enjoyment, more importantly enjoyment than anything else.

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Jessica knows that her knowledge and passion for food can help change peoples lives for the better and that's what this movement is about: It's time to take the work out of it and make Good-For-You-Food choices a regular part of our daily routine together!