Salads are Sweet Eat Smarter Run Harder is a 5 week system guided by a registered dietitian that teaches runners how to eat during their training cycle to minimize injury and improve performance without following a strict diet plan or spending hours in the kitchen. 

I created Eat Smarter Run Harder because nutrition is such a key component and tool for runners during their training, but so few runners actually have their nutrition plan figured out.


I am here to help you become a more well balanced, well nourished runner so that you can hit your PR’s and reduce your risk of injury. I want to get you to the start line feeling 100% because I know you can do it, you just need a little bit of help, and I’m here to help you.


My first half marathon was over 6 years ago, and even though I did train with  a group it was mostly just my bucket list challenge. I ended up running a 1:46, not finishing strong at all.


For the last 5 years I have ran short distance, on the tread mill or outside, by nothing more than 5km. This last year I decided to run another half marathon with a goal time of sub 140. After 15 weeks of training, and now later in life a proper nutrition plan, I ran my PB at 131.32 and came 6th place overall and finished strong. It was that drive and motivation of improving and feeling strong that pushed my to a new PB just a few months ago of 127.12 which put me as the first place female finisher in the 2018 WFPS half marathon.


When I look back on 6 years ago, my first half, to now, I followed the same training plan, so what made the outcome so different? And what I boil it down to is food, nutrition.

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As runners we spend countless hours running and training for our next big race. During these training cycles we spend hours discussing with other runners and searching online what is the best food to eat to fuel your lifestyle and your running. Most of us, just sit down, we eat and we hope for the best, We try a bunch of new foods or new food combinations based on what our friends are doing or what we read online. But when it comes down to it, we are confused. And we all just want the same question answered.

We move onto figuring out what to eat during our race, the night before and the morning of, we take lots of time determining what to eat in these few hours. Yet we don’t make it a priority to figure out our food for the 15-18 weeks we are training, and that is the most important part. 


You realize the tremendous value nutrition plays in your everyday life and your goals as a runner. You are here because you are tired of trial and error and searching the same information online and not getting any answers.

  • How should I eat everyday to fuel my lifestyle and running, while improving performance and reducing injury?

  • What should I eat before my long runs?

  • Should I eat breakfast in the morning before I run?

  • Should I have a snack before I run on my lunch break?

  • Do I need to be taking protein powders and supplements?

  • What combinations of foods are going to give me the most energy during my training?


Eat Smarter, Run Harder is designed to be easy to follow and is entirely web-based meaning you can do it anywhere you are.


The 5 week program is divided into 5 learning modules. Introducing you to a new one each week.

The program is designed to be 40% education and 60% actionable steps that you can take.


Jessica will host a
30-min live Q & A to answer questions, concerns, or challenges.

Unlimited access to the closed Facebook group, where you can ask questions to other course members.

Eat smarter, run harder is meant to help YOU, every video, module, handout, recipe, it is all meant to make you a better runner and I promise, if you put in the work that this program guides you through, you will get the results!