Fuel on the RUN Muffins

Looking for something to eat in the morning before a run or workout? This muffin is PACKED with nuts, and seeds, and nutrient dense ingredients that will fuel your busy lifestyle and prevent "runger" you know, that moment when you're running and you realize you are hungry...the worst! Click HERE to watch the full video as aired on Global TV Morning show! There are 2 options for this recipe. The first option is to use the below recipe and make the muffins "from scratch" with w

Black Bean Brownie Bites

If you like chocolate, you'll LOVE these! These chocolatey, fudgy black bean brownie bites are like sinking your teeth into a deep dish brownie, but they pack a nutritious punch of protein, fibre and are FLOUR-LESS. And they are rolled in crunchy sprinkles because they are fun and inviting and sometimes people are scared to eat black bean brownies, and sprinkles makes everything better. INGREDIENTS 1 can (2 cups) black beans rinsed and drained 3 eggs 2 tbsps canola oil 1/4 da

The secrets to ordering “clean” at Starbucks, a dietitians perspective.

How can we make better for you choices when ordering a barista brew? Well, I may have some experience, I'd be lying if I said I wasn’t on my way to receiving gold star status on my loyalty card... and will purchase usually 2-3 times per week, a “specialty beverage” or just a plain brew, so what are my secrets to ordering something clean? First off, we do not need to avoid specialty drinks all together, there are options and modifications, but the impact on your wallet is enti

Fresh Peach Salsa

Looking for some excitement in your life? This fresh peach salsa will add some extra love to your BBQ meats or fish. Even if you dry them out when you cook them, this saucy salsa will cover up your mistakes and make it tastes great. Watch the full video here from a Sobeys cooking segment Serves 6: PEACH SALSA - 4 peaches halved and grilled- see below for grilling instructions - 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice - 1 tbsp honey - 1/4 cup chopped fresh basil - 1/4 cup diced green onion I

Salad Bag Swag

At Salads are Sweet, good for you food is easy & tastes great. That's why I'm dishing out 3 simple tips, to boost your bagged salad. Because there isn't anything simpler than that. I would be lying if I said I never ate bagged salad, because I do. At any one time you will find a bagged salad in my fridge--keep it as an insurance policy, typically because they last a long time. Which got me thinking...what’s in there that makes them last so long, and is the nutrient content s